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SightSpeed’s Cool Test Gear

Traffic CopGiven that I recently gave Skype a huge thumbs up on their High Quality Video stuff, I got some calls from the fine folks at SightSpeed, who were obviously a bit concerned about what I had to say. Aside from a call with their CEO Peter Csathy, I also had a call with their CTO Aron Rosenberg.

While we discussed what they could do better, of course, the call diverged into how they test SightSpeed. Aside from all the cameras that they regression test–over 100 of them–they have this cool little box that can simulate a wide range of network conditions. They can then pump SightSpeed through this box to see both objective and subjective results.

I have personally seen SightSpeed work well in some pretty horrendous network conditions–including a call I made from Finland home last year over a crappy WiFi connection with Sonera. Either way, this box–and the know how behind it–is just one reason I have no doubt that SightSpeed will raise the video bar yet again.

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