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PhoneBoy’s Week That Was 16 December 2007

PhoneBoyWell, so much for this list being shorter. That happens when you see topical gadgets and good cross-promotion opportunities.

Aside from The Mobile Technology Weblog being new to my weekly roundup, there’s also one new blog on the list this week I hadn’t talked about previously: Businesspundit. Creative Weblogging asked me to do a few posts over there over the next several weeks to promote some of the business blogs in CW’s network. I’m not used to writing about business per-se, so it’s going to be a challenge, albeit temporary.

With all my blathering out of the way, here’s this week’s list of posts I made in the blogosphere:

#Cybersecurity Evangelist, Podcaster, #noagenda Producer, Frequenter of shiny metal tubes, Expressor of personal opinions, and of course, a coffee achiever.