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Creebies: Nokia’s Version of Tamagotchi

CreebiesWhile I’ve clearly had some sips of the Nokia cool-aid–comes with having worked there for as long as I have–I have to say, this latest announcement brings back memories of Tamagotchi. Because that’s what Creebies is: Tamagotchi on a Nokia phone.

Oh sure, unlike the original Tamagotchi games back in the mid 1990s, this will be networked through Bluetooth and the N-Gage arena. And I’m sure it will be insanely popular. However, I didn’t get it in the 1990s, and I still don’t get it today.

Seems like Pokemon on the Nintendo DS has an element of Tamagotchi to it, also. In the various iterations of Pokemon, you have to maintain your Pokemon by feeding them right and entering them in contests. I don’t mind playing the trading card game version of Pokemon with him, but I am just not into it on the DS, where my son is obsessed with it.

Anyone care to explain the appeal of these kinds of games to me? Because I just don’t get it.

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