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Are You Roaming Mad?

Screaming MouthHave you ever come back from an international trip and seen your mobile phone bill? I have, and let me tell you, it’s not a pretty sight. It was rumored on one of my first trips for Nokia that I ran up a 1,000UKP phone bill! This was back in 1999, long before I knew better and certainly well before I understood how usurious mobile phone charges were. My last trip to Finland cost Nokia several hundred Euros in roaming voice and data charges.

While a company like Nokia has likely negotiated somewhat less egregious roaming rates with the major carriers, the fact is: the roaming charges are still out of line. And if you’ve run up quite a phone bill due to roaming charges, now you can get at least *something *for it.

Pat Phelan’s MAXroam service is looking for roaming horror stories. Each roaming horror story submitted between now and 15 January 2008 will earn you a 5 Euro voucher off the cost of a MAXroam SIM. The best horror story will win an 8GB iPod Touch! 10 runners up will get a 50 Euro top-up card for their MAXroam SIM.

I certainly don’t travel often enough internationally to have any truly bad horror stories, but I bet you do. Send the boys from Cork your story and get a little something back!

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