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Nokia Technical Assistance Center Earns SCP Certification 5 Years Running

SCP LogoSome days, it seems like I write about Nokia a lot here. But it’s almost never about the part of the company I actually work for. Today, I get to share something that I actually helped play a small role in–getting our Technical Assistance Center SCP certified for 5 years running.

So what is SCP Certification? Quoting from the Service Strategies website:

The SCP Support Standard provides clear guidelines that enable world-class support organizations to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through improvements in operational effectiveness and staff productivity
  • Implement a continuous improvement program that enables them to provide world-class service to their customers
  • Benchmark their support operations against best in class organizations and best practices to further enhance performance
  • The standards defined in the SCP program represent the broad scope of business practices necessary to deliver the highest quality technology support. Companies that execute well in all of these areas will ensure they are maximizing their capabilities and have optimized business processes to drive higher levels of operational performance, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

    Back when we were initially working towards SCP certification, the group I worked with was considered a TAC, thus we had to go through the audit process. Since I was involved with our Knowledge Base and the processes around it even back in 2002, I got to put together some of the material we submitted as part of the audit.

    Each year since 2002, I have continued to play some role in the SCP certification process, though my role has greatly diminished over time. Other people are now responsible for this audit, though even this year, I was asked to assist on something related to the SCP audit.

    In any case, this is quite an achievement for this group, whom I’ve been working with for the better part of 9 years now. Bravo!

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