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How Many Times Do I Have To Get My MacBook Fixed?

MacBookYou know, the more I actually try and use my MacBook, the more I realize that my IBM/Lenovo laptops have been a heck of a lot more reliable hardware-wise.

I’ve had this first generation MacBook for 18 months now. In that time I’ve had to:

  • Get the battery replaced
  • Send it in to get a “flickering screen” problem resolved at least 3 times

Now it looks like I’ve got another battery-type issue. When I run the battery down to 60%, the power simply shuts off without warning.

Of the four or five different IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad’s I’ve had over the years, the only service issues I’ve had was a bad motherboard on a 2+ year old IBM T41. Batteries and the like have all worked well for their respective ages.

Makes me real glad I spend the $200+ for AppleCare, but really. How many times do I have to send in this MacBook–or parts thereof–to get it fixed? It’s not like that I’m that hard on the thing or anything. It’s making me consider buying a different laptop next time around–one without an Apple logo on it. What do you think?

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