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Seriously Old Scotch

MacallanWhen I can get it–and it’s not often these days–I love to get my hands on a single malt scotch. The good stuff is a bit pricey–and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart–but it is something I like to enjoy. And yes, my favorite single malt happens to be Macallan, the older the better. :)

This bottle of Macallan spent 60 years aging in an oak barrel before it was bottled in 1986. It was recently auctioned by Christies in New York for a whopping $54,000 USD!

I doubt if I had that kind of money, I’d spend it on alcohol. Of course, if you can afford a $54,000 bottle of scotch, you probably wouldn’t miss it. The money, I mean. The scotch would surely be missed when it’s gone. That is, if it ever gets consumed.

Via Born Rich 

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