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Free Rhapsody For Comcast Subscribers


I got an email from Comcast recently that had a lot of crap I could care less about. However, there was a small little blurb that did catch my attention:

As a Comcast High-Speed Internet customer, you’re entitled to receive a wide range of benefits and services at no additional charge. One of these is called Rhapsody Radio(TM) Plus! With Rhapsody Radio(TM) Plus, you can listen to over 100 commercial-free radio stations; create your own radio station based on your favorite artists; and download 25 free, full-length songs each month. Simply download the latest Rhapsody Music Software and manage all your music in one place. This is the only music software you’ll ever need!

Click here for more information.

Given that I’ve been looking for a “free” account to try Rhapsody on the Nokia N800, I figured I’d go through whatever crap I had to in order to come up with something I might be able to use on my Nokia N810. Hit the jump for the gory details.

First problem I ran into: only supports Windows. Ok, so I try my work PC, which is firewalled and VPNed out the wazoo. The app will install, but it requires Windows Media 11 plus a Windows hotfix. Won’t automatically install, so I do it manually. No dice, Rhapsody still pukes.

Time to break out VMware and the Boot Camp partition. After it loads Windows Media 11 and the hotfix it needs, Windows reboots. I pick my plan–the one that Comcast gives me for free–give my Comcast account info, and I have a Rhapsody account.

The client on Windows is basically a skin for Windows Media 11, which is ok. Now to try the Rhapsody client on the N800 (on OS2008). I can sign in and find a few tracks (and channels) to add. Playing them on the N800: no dice. Oh yeah, and the app crashes several times while browsing the catalog as well. So much for that.

It’s not bad for what you get for free, but since I can’t use it on the Nokia N800, I’m not sure how much I’ll actually use it. I certainly wouldn’t pay the service. Maybe if it was $10 *a year *and didn’t require Windows to work, maybe.

Anyone play with Rhapsody, like it, and think it’s actually worth it? Post a comment and let me know.

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