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(C)Feed + Feedster = Slow WordPress Admin

I had went into my WordPress Admin today to write posts as usual, but it was slower than molasses in winter. After some troubleshooting–was thankful 1&1 had strace installed on the box and my web pages are served by a process I could attach it to–I tracked it down to something (C)Feed was doing–a plugin I had recently installed in order to add a Creative Commons notice to my RSS feed items.  Specifically, it was trying to access Feedster.

I had never heard of Feedster before, but it looks like they’re in the deadpool. It’s weird because the reverse DNS for the IP resolves to is an AT&T DSL IP address:

guysmiley:~ dwelch$ nslookup Server: Address:

Non-authoritative answer: canonical name = Name: Address:

guysmiley:~ dwelch$ nslookup Server: Address:

Non-authoritative answer: name =

Authoritative answers can be found from:

guysmiley:~ dwelch$

Oh well, mystery solved. I’ve hacked my copy of (C)Feed to not check Feedster anymore. Maybe the author can update the plugin?

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