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The Cost Of Twitter and Facebook

TwitterPat Phelan over at Cubic Telecom wrote a post about how much Twitter is costing businesses. As someone rightly pointed out in the comments, what’s the cost of any given thing to business anyway?

I think the bigger, more important question is why are we wasting our time–whatever it costs–using a service that clearly doesn’t have a viable business model? The same thing could be said for Facebook–especially Facebook–and any number of other services. All that time, all that energy, all that “communication” could be gone in an instant, either because the company joins the deadpool or because someone thinks you violated the rules and deletes you.

While I’m not advocating getting rid of Twitter and Facebook, I think we all need to re-examine why we are using these services and what are plan B and C is when these services go under or become subject to additional corporate stupidity.

I guess there’s something to be said for having multiple ways of communicating with people. You never know when that “free” service suddenly goes away or turns pay-to-play. The best idea is to store it on your own server and push it out to those whom want to connect. Seems like the best idea to me, what say you?

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