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Nice Rack!

My New RackThis is what I spent my Monday night building. I purchased this rack through Rack Solutions. I purchased the optional front and back cover as well as the handles and heavy-duty casters. The unit arrived by UPS Ground in 3 separate boxes and took me about an hour to get assembled. Getting the equipment in the rack took a bit longer.

My only complaint about the rack was that there wasn’t enough cage nuts provided. Otherwise, it was fairly straightforward to get this rack assembled. It did take me longer than the estimated 15 minutes, but not an inordinate amount of time.

You might wonder why I have a rack at home. As you probably know, I work for Nokia. My job involves supporting our Network Security products, which now come out of the Security division under the Software and Services business unit. These servers typically go into machines rooms and are rack-mounted.

While they fit nicely on my floor–which is what they’ve done for the past several months–the machines “slide around” and probably don’t get adequate airflow. The last racks I had were slanted, which was nice because they fit under my desk. The machines were a pain to mount due to the slant, the rack could not be fully utilized due to the slant, and the screws frequently got caught in the screw holes–they didn’t use cage nuts for some reason. I threw those racks away before I moved.

So far, I’m happy with the new rack, but it’s only been a few days.

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