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Using Google As A Spell Checker

WebstersUsing Google as a kind of a spell checker is great–if you know how to spell the word. Even the automated spell checkers in my browser don’t exactly catch some mistakes. So what did I do? I asked Google.

I first typed in the word exhorborent. It suggested the word exhorborant. When I typed in define:exhorborant, of course, it came up with no definition. That means that not only can I not spell the word right, a bunch of other people on the Internet who didn’t bother to look it up also spelled it wrong. Great, thanks for clogging up the search engines, folks!

The correct spelling of the word? Exorbitant. How did I find the correct spelling? This dictionary, pictured here. A dictionary I could browse quickly and find the word I was looking for.

Google, and just about every other spell checker I had, failed this test. Good thing I have a dictionary around and am not afraid to use it.

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