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Skype on a Pocket PC

After moving my WiFi access point downstairs, I gave Skype for the Pocket PC a try (I recently picked up a Dell Axim X30 with a 624Mhz processor). I have already used Skype (more specifically the “Skype Out” service) on a normal Windows PC to test the Chat Cord.

All in all, I think it worked fairly well. The voice quality was not quite as good as it was on my regular PC, though my caller and I could understand each other okay. Not sure under what circumstances that might be handy, but at least it gave me an opportunity to “use” up the Skype Out minutes, which expire 6 months after you buy them.

I’m waiting for Jeff Pulver to come out with the Pulver Communicator client for Pocket PC. Multi-IM client and SIP phone in my pocket. I’m there.

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