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KDE versus GNOME Now A Dogfood Question

Chuck WagonI never thought the question of whether to use GNOME or KDE on my Linux desktop would be considered a dogfood question, but now with the announcement that my employer has made an offer to purchase Trolltech ASA, now it very much is a dogfood question, or will be once the usual and customary conditions are met.

KDE is based on the Qt toolkit, which was designed by Trolltech. It has had a rather sorted history within the open source community. It was originally a “free to use” license versus being the licensed under a proper open source license. This caused huge rifts within the open source community, some of which went away when Trolltech licensed their Qt Toolkit under the GPL.

Nokia uses a fair amount of open source within their products. The press release suggests that Qt will make it’s way to both Series 40 and S60 devices, further enriching these platforms with open source goodness. It’s nice to hear that they plan on continuing to license Trolltech technology under both commercial and open source licenses as well.

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