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Is Prepaid Mobile The Way To Go?

tmobiletogo_med.jpgI was over at my in-laws house this past weekend, and the discussion turned to mobile phones. My father-in-law told me that the T-Mobile prepaid plan I had set them up with several years ago ended up not only being a good fit for them–which I of course knew from past discussions–but a good fit for his mom as well.

To wit, she was paying at least $35 a month simply to maintain a cell phone with Verizon. For $155 (plus sales tax), they got her a brand new Nokia phone and 1000 minutes worth of calling that are good for a year. This was in November. So far, she’s only used about 300 of those 1000 minutes. Assuming similar usage patterns, those minutes will be gone in another 6 months or so.

9 months on Verizon: $315 plus whatever the phone cost. 9 Months on T-Mobile, $155, including the phone. Which one’s a better deal? Why are people agreeing to two year contracts again when they can likely get a better deal by going prepaid?

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