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Will Quarterlife Be A Hit On NBC?

QuarterlifeOne of the things I’ve been enjoying watching on the Internet is Quarterlife. It is produced by the folks who did My So Called Life, i.e. people with real experience writing network-quality programming. While I don’t recall watching (much of) My So Called Life, it is a well-known show.

Quarterlife was started as an Internet-only show, but ended up getting picked up by NBC to air in February. It’s kind of a boon for NBC, given the writer’s strike is still going on. It’s “fresh content” for the masses whom are otherwise going to have to watch reality shows, reruns, or other game shows.

According to the New York Times, it’s not really know how many people are watching on the Internet. The episodes can be seen on MySpace, YouTube, and While you can see how many time it’s viewed on MySpace or YouTube, isn’t talking numbers. Does that mean it’s not popular? Maybe not by television standards, but it’s not bad in terms of web productions.

I’m already watching the show on the Internet. Will I watch it on NBC? I might watch an episode or two to see how they splice these smaller 36 episodes into several hour-long episodes, but quite frankly, I like watching the show in smaller chunks. Half the reason I don’t watch the TV shows I do have lying around is that it takes a hgue chunk of time to watch an hour-long show, even without the commercials. These 8-10 minute episodes are just about perfect for my attention span.

I wish these guys the best of luck on NBC. I think it’s quality TV, but I find that shows I frequently like change somehow or get cancelled. What do you think about Quarterlife? Do you think it will be a hit on NBC?

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