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Twango Now Share on Ovi!

OviI was beginning to wonder what had become of Twango, a recent acquisition by my employer that was similar to Yahoo’s Flickr, but for all kinds of media.  Now the word from the Twango blog is that Twango is no more. It’s now Share on Ovi!

Taking a look at the Twango site, other than the Twango URL, it’s basically been assimilated by Nokia. The “features” on the site are the same as it was when it was Twango. The infrastructure has been beefed up the back end to support the throngs of users they expect to use the service.

What’s notable absent is the ability to use the Online Share application built into Nokia Nseries devices. I had hacked in the ability for this to work a while ago, but that stopped working. Apparently, this functionality will return in a few days. One can hope, anyway.

While I have no inside knowledge of this, I would expect that newer handsets, or future firmware upgrades to existing Online Share-capable handsets, would include Share on Ovi as one of the default places to upload photos. Sure hope so, as it seems silly to give all that traffic to Yahoo and Six Apart.

Once this launches, you can bet I’ll be trying to make use of it more, being dogfood and all that. Especially since I can also share video and audio–something Flickr doesn’t do.

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