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Testing Wavelog

WavelogI am testing a tool for Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices called Wavelog. Unlike, say, Online Share, or Lifeblog, which talks the ATOM protocol, Wavelog speaks the XML-RPC language used by WordPress and Drupal.

Wavelog lets you post not only text, but images, video, and audio. It also lets you work offline, allowing for saving on your phone for posting later.

This is the first release of this tool, and it does what it says. However, typing a blog post on an N95 without QWERTY is slow. The interface to add media to a post is functional, but a bit inflexible.

I will have to play more. I suspect I will use it, but more thought is needed about how the client needs to be improved.

Edit:  Given I had to go back and reformat this post after the fact, let’s just say it needs some work. I’ll save the specifics for another post.

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