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How Many Flash Drives Do You Have?

USB flash drive (unbranded)A while ago, I had written about how cheap flash drives have become. it seems like every couple of months or so, both the flash drives and the MicroSD cards get cheaper and cheaper in price–with higher capacity.

I had paid $30 or so for a 128mb flash drive several years ago. Not too long ago, I went through the local Costco and discovered for about that price, you can buy an 8 gigabyte flash drive. I recently bought a drive for that price on-sale at the not-quite-so-nearby Fry’s Electronics.

Over the years, I’ve collected quite a few of these little beasties. I usually bought the largest one I could easily acquire, and I periodically do this. I lose them, give them to people, or find uses for them, like running Linux distributions or using “portable apps” that live entirely on the USB drive. Of course, I’ve lost them too. And found them. One somewhat older 1 gigabyte flash drive recently survived a bout with my washing machine!

How many of these things do you have? What do you use them for? What do you do with the older drives? Leave some feedback in the comments.

Creative Commons License photo credit: boredzo

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