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Followup on Costco Selling Contract-Free Phones

CostcoI went back to the Gig Harbor Costco on Friday to grab a bite to eat and see if they sold any other phones without a contract. There is one phone they sell without a contract, but it’s a prepaid low-end Samsung on T-Mobile. Hey, even that’s news to me. They sell prepaid? Last time I asked, they didn’t.

The sales rep was talking to an elderly couple about the T-Mobile prepaid plans–something I’m very familiar with. I reassured the couple that T-Mobile’s prepaid offering was very sound and that I had my wife and in-laws using it without issue. Nice for them to get some independent confirmation, I suppose.

I also listened to the rep describe the various prepaid offerings for AT&T and Verizon–neither of which sounded appealing. He was partially wrong on the AT&T one–actually, AT&T’s entire prepaid offering is confusing–and the Verizon one sounded as bad as a proper contract. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was wrong on that, too.

How come the prepaid plans of Verizon and AT&T be as easy to understand as T-Mobile’s? Maybe I’m missing something here.  No wonder people sign up for a 2 year ball and chain.

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