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The Dreaded O’Hare

One of the things I hate about traveling to Ottawa is that there is no direct flights from Seattle. Last time I went, I avoided the dreaded O’Hare airport by flying through Vancouver there and Toronto on the way back. This time, no such luck.

While Chicago O’Hare has no shortage of places to eat–something I don’t mind–the one thing there is a clear shortage of is places to plug in and recharge your electronic batteries. It’s almost as if they went to great lengths to hide or even remove the power plugs from any place usable. Those I am able to find are hidden away in the most inconvenient and uncomfortable places.

I plan on sticking to my Nokia N800 tablet, which has good battery life. I also have a couple of portable battery chargers for Nokia devices, which I will use if I can’t find a place to plugin.

What are some of the ways you cope with the lack of ability to charge your mobile devices while in transit?

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