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Why Am I Printing Out Maps?

Map To Sea-TacGiven that I carry a couple of different Internet-enabled phones when I travel–one even has the Nokia Maps application on it–you might wonder why I go through the trouble of wasting dead trees on printing out maps.

I know I am going to be going from the Ottawa airport to the hotel when I land. Sure, I can have that route ready to go in Nokia Maps (or even Google Maps), or I can call it up exactly when I need it. There are times where I would do exactly that.

Technology occasionally fails me–because my SIM refuses to work with data service on Rogers, or my battery is out, or heaven forbid, I managed to *lose *my phone in transit. Any number of things can happen that can cause the technology to not work properly.

However, paper doesn’t fail, per-se. I suppose the paper can get wet, lost, stolen, or damaged, just like anything else. However, it’s a failsafe. Or maybe, the technology is a failsafe for the paper map. Depends on how you look at it.

Perhaps it’s old school, or it’s one of those rubber chicken things, but I feel *that much better *having a printed map when I’m going someplace unfamiliar. It’s just part of the process of being prepared.

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