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Team Fusion: VMware Fusion, That Is

Team Fusion

If you’re a company trying to engage the blogosphere, one of the things you should look closely at is *having your own blog. *With that in mind, the folks responsible for VMware Fusion have set up a blog called Team Fusion. To quote the About block on the blog:

A blog about virtualization on the Mac platform, and how it’s changing the way people interact with their Macs, PCs, and more. From the team that brought you VMware Fusion, the most seamless way to run Windows on your Mac.

As you’d expect, there is a little bit of shameless self-promotion on this blog–don’t all bloggers self-promote at least somewhat? There is also some useful information like notices of new releases and a video demonstration of their VMware Importer tool.

Fans of VMware Fusion–or fans of emulation on the Mac in general–should add this to their feed reader.

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