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Testing Think Outside Keyboard With Nokia N95

Here I am on my flight watching Numb3rs on the Nokia N810 and blogging on the Nokia N95 using the ThinkOutside wireless keyboard and Wavelog to write up a blog post.

Getting the Nokia N95 paired up with my keyboard was a snap. I haven’t used it with the N95 before, and I was expecting some issues. I even managed to figure out how to use the soft keys from the keybord. The “Windows” key seems to function as the left soft key, alt-tab seems to function as the application key, and Fn-Delete seems to work as the right soft key. Arrows can be used to navigate the menus with the enter key to select a menu item. Shift-enter seems to be the button in the middle of the d-pad on the N95. Sweet!

Now if Wavelog actually supported entering in hyperlinks and didn’t insist on inserting the entire post into a table, it’d be a great mobile blogging solution! Meanwhile, I hope the WordPress client Ewan over at SMS Text News is working on will solve some of these issues.

With my Nokia N95, my Nokia N810, and this bluetooth keyboard, I’ve got most everything I need right here–without a laptop! Maybe on one of these trips, I’ll leave my laptops–yes, I’m being plural here–behind!

Do you mobile blog? How do you do it? What tools do you use? Leave notes in the comments.

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