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Who Has A Decent Phone User Interface?

341648_ericanfly_-_t_630_3.jpgI just read a thought-provoking piece about how Nokia’s S60 platform is not exactly the paragon of a great operating system. The authors think that S60 is “confusing, obscure, constantly changing and always hugely underpowered and unresponsive.” My opinion–not tainted by working at Nokia–is that the newer S60 3rd Edition handsets are making small, incremental improvements. The higher-end hardware makes S60 seem a bit more responsive, but I do agree that I would like to see some additional improvements

The iPhone is viewed as having a great mobile phone OS, or at least it has changed the conversation when it comes to user interfaces. There are plenty of reasons I, personally, would not consider an iPhone: most specifically because of the requirement for a specific AT&T SIM and the fact the phone is locked–unlock programs notwidthstanding. Also, an entirely touch-based interface.

With this in mind, who has a decent phone user interface? Do you like S60? What abut UIQ? What about Windows Mobile? What about anything else? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

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