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Why Aren’t All TV Shows Online?

I am now to the point where that the TV I actually plan to watch happens either on the computer directly or with the assistance of a computer (i.e. the computer is hooked to the TV). I will do a little channel surfing from time to time, but if I’m home alone, the TV is off. If I do want to watch something, it will generally happen on the computer.

For most of the shows out there, there are plenty *of potential ways to get it–some legal, some questionable. I’d say just about *every semi-popular program on TV is available online. However, not all programs are.

The networks themselves have fairly successful video portals through which to watch the programs. Currently and, in some cases, past programs are now showing up on these portals as well. What I find odd is that every single program aired by the networks isn’t somehow online.

The folks who upload things to Bittorrent aren’t getting all the programs, but they seem to do a better job than the networks “official sites” in terms of “selection.” With the torrenters, at least I can understand. The folks that do this because they like the programs and want to share. Torrent only works really well for popular things, so it makes sense.

Can someone explain this to me? Why aren’t all their shows online? My guess is that it’s all about rights.

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