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Back Home Again

While I currently live in Port Orchard, Washington, I am originally from Santa Cruz, CA. At the moment, I am in Scotts Valley, which is a few miles north of Santa Cruz, and one of the many towns around Santa Cruz I lived as a child. For a day or two, I am staying at the Hilton in Scotts Valley. This hotel sits on a hill over-looking Highway 17 and Mount Hermon road used to be an empty hillside when I was a kid.

The first house I lived in, or at least the property it was on, is only a couple of miles away from where I am now. My aunt and uncle also live in Scotts Valley, and they’ve lived in the same house for as long as I can remember. A lot has changed in their neighborhood since I was a kid. Their house has changed a little as well, at least in the kitchen which was completely redone.

I used to go to a certain private school that is still there and is very close to our office in Scotts Valley, near where Santas Village used to be. I even remember going to Santas Village as a small child.

While a lot has changed around here since I lived here, a lot hasn’t. The DriveIn is still running movies and has flea markets. Marianne’s Ice Cream is still there, still serving good ice cream, and basically looks the same as it did when I was a kid. The Boardwalk is still there. Scotts Valley still only has two major streets. The weather is still wonderful, especially during Indian Summer.

I miss living down here sometimes, though I think I’d have a hard time convincing my wife and kids to move down here.

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