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Lifeblog Working Once Again With WordPress

Fri 2008.02.15 17:30 20080215044As you probably know, I have managed to get a script someone else originally wrote working with more recent versions of WordPress and Nokia devices. In short, the script allows you to use Lifeblog to post to WordPress blogs. Unfortunately, it seems many people–myself included– were having with the Nokia N95 once they loaded a recent firmware–I believe it was 20.x.

A reader noticed that after loading the Nokia Share Online 3.0 app on their phone, the Lifeblog application started working! I tried it, and it turned out the reader was right: it works! Problem solved, and the script was updated.

However, I also noticed a small bug with image resizing with Imagemagick, namely it wasn’t resizing. Turns out Imagemagick is smart enough to resize down to a specific size without me having to try and figure out what it should be. Eliminated that section of code and changed the call to Imagemagick, and low and behold things started resizing!

Note that the Share Online application itself won’t work with the script, mostly because you cannot manually configure the 3.0 version to accept new providers. This requires a configuration file to be sent to your phone. I am trying to get the details on how to do this. That being said, the Lifeblog applications works!

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