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Share on Ovi Versus Flickr

OviReaders of this blog know by now that I’m not above giving my employer some constructive criticisms on this blog. Today, those constructive comments are leveled against Twango Share on Ovi.

Now granted, there are some things I like about Share on Ovi. The upload through a web browser supports uploading multiple files by dragging and dropping onto the web browser window. It integrates nicely with the Share Online 3.0 app. It supports over 100 different file types–including video.

But, of course, it’s not perfect. One thing that I appreciate that Flickr does that Share on Ovi explicitly does not do is mark your content with any sort of copyright (or Creative Commons) notice. Flickr even makes it easy by giving all your uploads a default Creative Commons license. The terms of service for Share on Ovi explicitly don’t add copyright notices.

Issue #2: the third party apps aren’t there for Share on Ovi. Sure, I can use Share Online 3.0 and it offers some unique features. Flickr, however, has been around a while and has a number of third party applications–including WordPress plugins that allow importing of Flickr pictures into blog posts. Makes it real easy to share photos from Ovi to my blog.

Issue #3: Need a “contacts media” RSS feed. Share Online 3.0 lets you access your contacts recent media directly. How come there’s no RSS feed for the media for my contacts?

Issues #4: A non-published ATOM API endpoint so people who aren’t using the latest Nokia Nseries devices can still use Share Online or Lifeblog with the Share on Ovi service.

Granted, these are small things that can be fixed fairly easily–at least in my mind. What I’m not sure about it is whether or not third parties will take to Share on Ovi the same way they’ve taken to Flickr.

I suspect I will be using both Share on Ovi and Flickr both for the foreseeable future, the latter of which I recently paid for a Pro account on. The question: which service will I use more?

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