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50 Ways To Recycle Your Cell Phone

The folks at VoIP News have assembled a list of 50 ways you can recycle your cell phone. The list is fairly comprehensive, as it includes a number of different places that will put the phone to good use. All the manufacturers have some sort of recycling program available also. And, of course, you can sell it for money.

My favorite way to recycle a mobile phone is give it to someone who has lost or broken their phone. I’ve done this with a number of my older phones, and I feel good each time I do it.

If I can’t give a phone away for some reason, I take it into a Nokia office and drop it in the recycling kiosk they have set up. It’s a pretty painless process to drop the phone and accessories in. I feel confident that Nokia is doing the right thing with these old, discarded phones.

How do you recycle your old phones?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Gaetan Lee

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