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Truly Portable WiFi

My boss had one of these
WGR101 devices from Netgear. This has to be one of the coolest, smallest WiFi access points I’ve seen next to the Apple AirPort Express.

What I like about the Netgear device is that it has a couple of different modes: single user (where only one client can connect), multi-user (where more than one user connects), and configuration mode (where the config interface is available). In the multi-user mode, NAT is used to allow more than one user access. In the single user mode, no NAT is used — the IP address the WGR101 picks up from the ISP is passed through to the WiFi client. In the configuration mode, you plug the WGR101 into your ethernet, type in into your web browser, enter the username and password, and you can configure things like the SSID, broadcast of said SSID, WEP keys, WPA (which requires a firmware upgrade from Netgear), and so on.

I’d love to be able to get my hands on the AirPort Express to compare the two devices. :)

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