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Two New Blogs For PhoneBoy

I have taken on two new blogs. Like I need that, really, but one is kind of on an ad-hoc basis until Creative Weblogging gets a new editor. The other is not my blog, and on a different blog network entirely. I did get dropped from I Got Spam?!, but only because I wasn’t posting there that often anyway.

GeektronicaGeektronica is a tech blog that’s part of the WebbleYou network. The main reason I decided to give this one a shot is that their content ownership clauses is a bit more enlightened. They actually don’t mind if you take your articles you write for them and post to your own blog.

WebbleYou pays a bit differently than CW. Instead of a fixed amount, it’s a revenue sharing model. It seems like a fair shake, but we’ll see what the checks look like.

The Smart PDAThe Smart PDA is one of CW’s tech blogs. I enjoyed the writings of the previous blogger, who has chosen to go onto other things. While it’s not up on CW’s Get Paid To Blog page, I suspect they are looking for a new editor to take over this blog. I will be pinch-hitting in the meantime.

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