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You know something has arrived when it has a tradeshow for it. Thanks to the Voice on the Net (VON) conference, VoIP has arrived. This isn’t the first VON conference, so I guess by that measure, VoIP arrived a while ago. Of course those of us who follow the VoIP industry knew that a while ago.

Having been at technology trade shows both as an exhibitor and as a visitor, I can tell you that trade shows basically an opportunity for vendors to make sales pitches. The other thing trade shows are good for is partying. I think I generally agree with Om Malik: “Bigger the show, less there is to say.” Not sure that I would call VON a “big” trade show, though.

In any case, Marcelo is at VON and is planning on providing reports while he is there. He wanted me to go, and I may go next time its in Santa Clara.

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