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They May Not Block Text Messages, But What About Common Short Codes?

CTIA BlogI am not aware of anyone suggesting that carriers are actually blocking text messages. That’s something common carriers would not be allowed to do under the U.S. laws, anyway.

Leave it to the CTIA to spin it that way.  The issue here is not text messages, folks, it’s the fact that carriers can hold up–or simply flat out deny–the allocation of common short codes. Sure, there is a Common Short Code Administration that any organization can apply for a 5 or 6 digit number to allow SMSes into. However, the implementation of each short code lies squarely on the individual carriers.

Do the carriers block the creation of common short codes? Yes they do. In fact, the issue is widespread enough that the FCC is looking into the matter. In my mind, this is like a carrier refusing to allocate you a phone number. Is that something a common carrier should be allowed to do?

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