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Doing My Part To Clean Up Twitter

One feature I like about Jaiku is the ability to add my various RSS feeds to my stream on Jaiku. The nice thing for end users is: they can simply turn off all of the RSS feeds they don’t really care about. I can stream the stuff, they can ignore it. Everyone’s happy.

What have people done to replicate this in Twitter? They’ve started spamming their followers every time they post an entry in a blog. Yes, I was doing it, too. Seemed like the right thing to do at the time

Then I took a step back and realized that polluted my Twitter stream. I often use the last time I post as a “reference point” as to how far back I need to read. All that automated posting gets in the way. And contributes to the overall noise on Twitter. And people either follow me and all the spam or they don’t.

As a public service to the folks that follow me on Twitter, I have taken all of the automated blog spam out of my regular username and put it in a new username: phoneboyblog. If you’re interested in what I’m blogging or is being blogged on the blogs I post on, then follow this username. Otherwise, don’t. :)

I reserve the right to occasionally post references to my blog posts in my usual Twitter name, but it will be me doing it manually. ;)

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