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Wave Broadband On An Acqusition Spree

Wave BroadbandBack when I lived in Port Orchard, Wave Broadband was my cable company, at least after they took over from Charter Communications. The switchover was a bit rocky, but during the last year or so I had their service, it was pretty good.

The scuttlebutt from DSL Reports is that Wave is acquiring a number of customers: more Charter customers from West Sacramento, and customers of Willamette Broadband in Oregon, including a couple of former Charter communities. This increases their footprint substantially, though other than West Sacramento, still keeps much of their footprint in the less populated areas of the country.

While I can’t say the cutover process will go entirely well, based on my past experience and the grumblings I’m seeing on the Wave Broadband forum on DSL Reports from “acquired” Charter customers in Southern California, the kinks will get worked out in due time. Customers will be generally happy with their broadband experience once it’s all over.

I do wonder about the health of Charter Communications, given that they seem to be continuing to shed markets.

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