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Jeff Pulver Gives A Great Social Networking Breakfast

20080317053 - Share on OviYesterday, I had the privilege of attending Jeff Pulver’s Social Media Breakfast at the San Jose Convention Center. I got to meet a number of people in person, including Jeff Pulver, Pat Phelan, Luca Filigheddu, Stuart Henshall, Brough Turner, Dean Elwood, James Body, Lee Dryburgh, Andy Abramson, Ken Camp, Sheryl Breuker and her son David, Jim Courtney, Alec Saunders, and others I am sure I am forgetting. But I did take pictures and will upload them to my Spring VON.x 2008 channel on Twango Share for Ovi.

It was fun getting tagged and tagging people in various ways. The only thing that I “miss” from the tag clouds on the Internet is that tags in the cloud “increase in font size” as more items contain those tags. Hard to do that in the analog world.

It was also fun seeing people Qik each other. One of the photos I took was Jeff Pulver using Qik on Alec Saunders, who was using Qik on Jeff Pulver. Someone else, at one point, Qiked *that. *It was fun only us social media geeks could understand.

It’s also interesting that a great many people were carrying both Nokia N95s and Blackberrys. Speaks to the state of the industry, I suppose.

In any case, if you get a chance to participate in one of these Social Media Breakfasts–and Jeff is holding several over the next few months, including one in Seattle–it’s worth your time to go! If there’s not one near you, why not do your own in your neck of the woods?

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