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Even With Hotel Broadband, I Still Go EVDO

I frequently hear the result of Andy Abramson’s lousy hotel broadband on KenRadio. While I usually know better than to try and do VoIP over my hotel broadband, the fact is: I frequently end up not using it and instead relying on the EVDO card my employer pays for.

The hotel I’ve been staying at on and off for a number of years now around Mountain View uses broadband service provided by Superclick. While they offered wired Internet access as they always did, now they also offer WiFi throughout the facility. Seems to be fairly well covered and the bandwidth wasn’t horrible.

It still sucks, however. The main reason: it seems that every web URL is redirected somehow. It works on a web browser, but it seems to slow everything down. My Nokia phones can’t cope with this at all and basically time out when loading pages.

Sprint EVDO to the rescue. I am probably doing around 500k downstream and around 400k upstream. It’s not ideal broadband, but for the light stuff I am doing, it’s reasonable.

Too bad none of my Nokia phones have U.S. 3G frequencies.

Creative Commons License photo credit: hyku

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