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PicApp: Free Photos With Ads

GigaOm lets us know about an interesting new service for bloggers looking for stock images: PicApp. You get access to professional stock photography from companies for free–but with a catch. The photos contain *ads. *I am presenting an example of one here.

If you don’t see the picture to the left, you’re probably running NoScript or have Javascript or Flash disabled. I kind of view that as a problem myself, mostly because I tend to use NoScript on pages I don’t trust. That being said, the vast majority of web surfers don’t run this way, so they’ll see the pictures.

I’m not sure how I feel about requiring flash in order to view the pictures. Personally, I find pretty good photos on Flickr that I can license thru Creative Commons, so I don’t expect I’ll be using this all that often. However, it’s nice that it’s an option. Let me know what you think.

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