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Why Are UK Companies Coming To CTIA?

Source: WikipediaI got an interesting email from the inbox for The Mobile Technology Weblog about a consortium of companies from the UK coming to the upcoming CTIA conference in Las Vegas. According to the press release, “The companies, which represent a range of British skills and talent, are going to CTIA 08 in Las Vegas to hammer out commercial partnerships with leading American companies.” These companies want to work with the US market because of it’s size, similar regulatory structure, and language.

There is no doubt that the UK is the mobile content capitol of the world. One of my pals in Forum Nokia lent me a UK T-Mobile SIM for a month or so to allow me to experience the content of the Nokia Download! catalog. The amount of content in the catalog was staggering compared to what was in the US catalog at the time.

I wonder how much they will be able to advance the state of the art, given the iron-fisted control the carriers exercise here in the North American market. Not to mention the fact that people here tote such antiquated phones that it’d be difficult to do something truly interesting. Then again, maybe the truly interesting things don’t require smart phones at all?

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