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Mauku on the Nokia N810: Quite A Match

MaukuI’ve often heard complaints that Jaiku doesn’t have a robust-enough API to do the kind of apps people tend to do for Twitter. The fact is, we haven’t seen that many apps for Jaiku because it’s mostly been a Nokia S60 social network. I’ve even heard people complain it’s not possible to do a decent app for Jaiku.

These people clearly have not seen Mauku. Mauku is a great Jaiku client for the Nokia 700, N800, and N810 Internet tablets. It is, in some respects, better than the s60 client that runs on my N95. Why? Because it shows more data, such as the messages people send into channels or the results from feeds that people aggregate into their Jaiku account.

Much like the S60 client, you can see a message in thread context. What’s even better is that you can open multiple windows with Mauku–something the S60 app can’t cope with.

Now, if there was a native Twitter application for the Nokia Internet tablets, I’d be set!

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