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Monday, I got an email–out of the blue–from Leanne Tremblay, a.k.a. VoIPGirl. Apparently, she’s been busy with her other business to be blogging about VoIP. However, she did pass along an interesting proposal she’d received: needs a new blogger. Several email exchanges later, and voila, I’ve got a new gig blogging about VoIP for runs a Vonage-like Voice over IP service for residential customers. They also have a softphone, a GrandCentral-like service (except it’s $9.95/mo), and a TalkPlus-like service (2nd line for your mobile phone). has had a blog since May of 2006, though it has been dormant for the last year or so. My job will be to work my blogging magic several times a week. Obviously, since it’s a “corporate” blog, I’ll have to mention the occasional thing that is doing or offering. Otherwise, I plan on conducting business-as-usual, just on a different blog. (FYI: there’s no link for an RSS feed on the blog for some reason, but you can get an RSS or Atom feed of the blog)

Of course, with the amount of blogging-related work I do, something has to give. I am currently re-negotiating my contracts with Creative Weblogging. Assuming I have it sorted by then, I’ll let you all know in my weekly Week That Was post.

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