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What’s the problem with Early Voting?

There was a big hullabaloo on the news this evening about how people in a handful of states are getting to vote a whole two weeks early. While I am not in one of those states, I also partook of early voting. It’s called an absentee ballot, which is how I’ve voted since about 2000. Anyone else who wants to vote early should sign up for an absentee ballot.

First people complain that not enough people vote, then other people complain that they’re voting too early. Hey, at least people are voting. I don’t care when they do it or where they do it as long as the vote is counted correctly.

A scary thing I read in our local voting pamphlet: a couple of recent political races ended in a tie. How did they break that tie? With a coin toss. I guess that’s better than the crap that went on in the 2000 US Presidential election where basically the current occupant in the whitehouse was able to basically “run out the clock” on the election.

Oh well, I cast my vote for Michael Badnarik today. He may not win, but I made my statement and will probably spoil an election for either tweedle-dee or tweedle-dumber.

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