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PhoneBoy’s Week That Was 6 April 2008

PhoneBoyIt’s been a busy week sorting out who I’m going to blog for and what kind of blogging I will be doing. I have a better answer to that question now, and it looks like I am taking the insane approach :)

Right around the time I signed the paperwork to blog for, I got an interesting proposal from Creative Weblogging. What they were looking for is someone to essentially “fill in” across some of their English-speaking blogs to post when blogs had gone fallow or at other times when the need was there. The terms of this job are a bit more favorable than the previous arrangement.

The biggest question in all of this was what I was going to do about VoIP Weblog, which covers the same topic. My intent is to continue to post there until CW finds another blogger for this blog. After all, that will be part of my job. ;)

Here’s what I got out this week:

#Cybersecurity Evangelist, Podcaster, #noagenda Producer, Frequenter of shiny metal tubes, Expressor of personal opinions, and of course, a coffee achiever.