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Sipura versus Grandstream

I’m not sure who is imitating who here, but it looks like the VoIP CPE market is about to heat up. During VON, Sipura and Grandstream both announced they were releasing new VoIP products.

The Sipura 841 and the Grandstream GXP-2000 are VoIP phones. They look very different, but have very similar functions. The Sipura is slightly cheaper at $99.95 retail, but only offers two line apperances for that price (two extra ones will cost $30). The Grandstream device will retail for $119.95, but will offer up to 11! line appearances, according to reports. From the pictures, the Sipura one looks a little nicer, the Grandstream looks a bit like the old Nortel phones that are on every desk at my employer.

Meanwhile, Grandstream introduced their answer to Sipura’s SPA-3000: The HandyTone 488. In addition to one FXO and one FXS port (which means it can serve as a gateway between VoIP and PSTN), it’s also a NAT router. Sipura is working on their own router gateway (the SPA-2100), though it’s more of a cross between a SPA-2000 and a NAT router.

Sipura also announced that BroadVoice is going to start giving out the SPA-1001 with their service, which is a one FXS port device about the size of a deck of playing cards. About the size of a HandyTone, and the case looks like the Linksys cases. :)

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