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Keeping Track of Blog Posts in Google Docs

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Chances are, you know I post to a lot of blogs. With my recent change of duties at Creative Weblogging, I now have posting privileges on 22 of their blogs. That doesn’t include the work I am doing for, my S60 blog, Geektronica, or anywhere else. In short, I needed some place to keep track of all of these posts.

Actually, I didn’t need to, at least I didn’t think so. However, the folks at want me to submit a bi-weekly list of postings I did for them so they can pay me. I then figured if I was going to keep track of it for them, I might as well keep track of it for myself also.

Enter Google Docs and their spreadsheet. I have a simple table that keeps track of what I post, where, and how much I am (theoretically) going to make for the post. When I submit it to, I’ll take out all the other posts by doing a Save-As and removing the bits that aren’t relevant to them.

I also feel pretty proud of myself because I did something cool: created a second sheet where I calculate how much revenue I earned in the week by pulling specific entries. It’s dynamic because I pull the entries by week number using a formula. Ok, a bit overkill, but it was a nice exercise.

Are you using Google Docs yet? What are you using it for? Let me know in the comments.

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