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PhoneBoy’s Week That Was 13 April 2008

PhoneBoyI wrote way too many blog pieces this week. In addition to the 20 entries on this list, I’ve got another 10 or so queued up for next week. Hopefully, I can slow down a bit next week now that I’ve got a good queue to work from. Fat chance. ;)

You’ll see some different blogs below. Let me explain. My new “gig” with Creative Weblogging has me posting to a bunch of blogs–22 in total–mostly on blogs that are “dormant” and need some content. I call it a “roaming editor” job. The only blog of theirs that I am the main editor for is The VoIP Weblog. The other blogs (except for Geektronica and are different CW blogs.

Here’s what I got out this week:

#Cybersecurity Evangelist, Podcaster, #noagenda Producer, Frequenter of shiny metal tubes, Expressor of personal opinions, and of course, a coffee achiever.