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Nokia in North America: Not Losing Sight Of The Prize

NokiaImage via Wikipedia

Nokia fanboys all over the world were all over this morning’s press release related to Nokia 1Q2008 earnings. Stefan Constantinescu managed to get into the analysts call and Jaikued the thing. Aside from the usual positive results, there was a huge drop in overall device sales in North America compared to 1Q2007–over 45% less devices sold!

As someone who works for Nokia in North America, I am disheartened by those results. However, I also know to expect them based on Nokia’s current product offerings. Since CDMA is over of the North American market and Nokia has little or no products in that space right now, a 45% year-over-year drop is not unexpected.

It seems like dark times, but the new Nokia model for CDMA handsets is still ramping up. Two of the products that result from that model were shown off at CTIA. More products are obviously coming.

Maybe I’ve taken too big of a drink of the kool-aid, but I think our North American prospects in the second half of this year look pretty good.

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