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Fire Stations and Sons

My son gets to go to a fire station on a field trip tomorrow. Since I will not be working tomorrow, I am going to take him. Hey, I went with my dad at that age, well sort of.

I remember going to a fire station when I was in Kindergarten. My dad was a fireman at the station we went to and I think he was part of the demonstration — I think he was dressed up in the fire fighting gear. That was when I still looked up to my dad, and I was very proud that my daddy was a fireman. I was a bit disappointed when he gave up that job (supposedly because he wanted facial hair and they wouldn’t let him), though he did a lot of other “disappointing” things much later on to make me forget about that.

I’m sure I will do things that will disappoint my son, but at the very least, I hope I will be able to continue to see my parental duties through.

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