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Skype to SIP Possible, In Use

Session Initiation ProtocolImage via Wikipedia</p>

One of the more frequent complaints I hear about Skype is that it doesn’t interface with SIP. Of course, people in the know know that Skype must use SIP to deal with SkypeOut and SkypeIn, but are simply refusing to expose that functionality to others.

What is interesting, through, is that Skype has exposed Skype to SIP in a limited fashion. At least two application providers, namely Voxeo and Vapps, both use this functionality. It is exposed by dialing a rather lengthy +99 number from Skype, permitting Skype to dial into Voxeo’s Evolution Hosted Platform and Vapps High Speed Conferencing service. Possibly others.

The benefit of this functionality is it allows Skype to dial into these services and be able to utilize G.722.2 (a.k.a. AMB-WB). This means your audio into these services will be much higher fidelity. Trust me, after hearing the difference, I’m a believer.

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